Behind the Voice

Recovering ad guy, die hard Red Sox fan and full time voice talent.

                                                                                                                 Richard Sabean

                                                                                                                 Richard Sabean

In the mid 90's, during the editing of a commercial I had directed for Loews Theaters, I recorded the rough voiceover track. After a lengthy casting for the voice talent, the client ended up liking my performance. Little did I know, my experience behind the mic in that edit session would set the stage for a career shift. I was hooked.

During the next several years I continued to record scratch tracks for projects I created and directed, took classes with a number of talented voice coaches and spent countless hours behind the mic in numerous studios honing my voice talent. Next thing I knew, I had an agent and a body of work for clients like, Gillette, Dominoes, Merrill Lynch, Frito Lay, Brooks Brothers, Cable Vision and Nicorette to name a few. Most importantly, I loved doing it.

I like to think my voice has a real quality with a bit of gravitas and I can easily be the guy next door, your buddy, a caring father, the voice of authority, conversational story teller or that announcer guy. I can be – commanding, sexy, cool, wry, serious, dramatic, sarcastic and can perform a cast of interesting characters voices.

My voice can currently be heard on network TV for Chevron, Nicorette, Jet Dry, Constant Contact and on numerous websites worldwide. My repertoire includes commercials, narrations, promos, animation, video games, audio books, presentations, live reads, websites and on the occasional on camera appearance.

Please take a minute to peruse my site, listen to my work and you be the judge. Feel free to contact me directly at or through one of my agents (see contacts).